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Personal Seal, Sealing Wax and  Classical Stationery Specialist

Welcome to our official site for our branname products!
We built this web site for showing our products and services to all people in the world. Since we started our business, we have never stopped developing new products to meet the need of different markets. In the last few years, our brand-named products have gained reputation in many Europe countries. Our old customers sruely know us well. However, a lot of new friends from all over the world might not have the chance to meet us in the trade fair or hear from us via the traditional way of communication. This website has proved itself a very effective and efficient channel to keep all potential buyers well informed of our products and services. Every year, we are scheduled to update our web-site before setting off for the next trade fair where we may release our new products to our customers. So keep watching our news update.

Demonstration Video Clips of Using Sealing Wax

video guide for wax gun
wax gun
video guide for burner
burner and spoon
video guide for using traditional sealing wax
traditional sealing wax
candle wax
candle sealing wax

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